1. 33” x 48” self portrait.  Charcoal on Canson Mix Media Roll Paper.


  2. Prismacolor Color Pencil Portrait of numbskully. Final.

    I learned a ton about color and the use of color pencils so big ups to my girlfriend for letting me use her face for color experimentation and learning.


  3. Prismacolor Color Pencil Portrait Day 2 of numbskully

    Unfortunately the lighting I am photographing in is yellow, so it greens out a lot of the blues, but I will photograph the final product in better lighting.


  4. Prismacolor Color Pencil Portrait Day 1 of numbskully



  5. Early step of Prismacolor Color Pencil Portrait.

    Since both my architecture and studio art majors focus so much on the drawing process, I thought it would be cool to show a few more process photos to show how the colors and lines start to layer up and create a more dynamic composition. 


  6. Micron Pen Sketch of numbskully being a creep.


  7. Prismacolor Color Pencil Portrait of Roue.


  8. Prismacolor Color Pencil Portrait of Roue.  Progress

    This is a huge educational experience for me.  I have only started doing portraits in color, but mostly in acrylic paint.  So, it is interesting to see how a limited color palette of about 30 pencils can bring about so many color combinations.  Of course the color combinations don’t even scratch the surface of the combinations paint offers, but nonetheless, it is still interesting how I can bend color with combinations and similar tactics i use with charcoal and pen.


  9. Quick Micron Pen Sketch of my best bud.


  10. Quick Micron Pen Sketch of numbskully


  11. Anna Portrait Final.

    Definitely getting a bit smoother with the skin tones, though I am no where close to where i want to be with them.  I especially mess up the smoothness in areas where i need to push the contrast a bit more.  Otherwise, I am satisfied…for the next few minutes.


  12. Anna Portrait Day 2.  

    Added more contrast to the nose, took away some under the cheekbone, darkened the eye brows.  Also, hair is at really early stages.


  13. Anna Portrait Day 1.

    Doing a portrait for my best friend since seventh grade after she asked me for three years.


  14. Commission #1. Final.

    With all the holidays and visiting my girlfriend for a week, I hadn’t been able to finish this but i finally got this done for a buddy at school.  He’s been an awesome supporter of my stuff so I was happy to be able to give him a drawing.

    Anyway, I won’t be posting as many b&w portraits hopefully, though i will occasionally do one here and there for other friends who have supported me.  I’m trying to experiment with color, but I also have classes coming up so I will be spending more time for those classes than on my own work.


  15. Commission #1. Day 2.

    Forgot to give an update for day one but here is day two. Still have to adjust the eyes a bit and put more work into the ears and a little more tone into the face as well as a little less in the neck. Then a couple hours on the hair and a bit to go on the lips. But its shaping up.

    I must admit the slight tilt on the head messed me up a bit at first but im adjusting.