1. Anna Portrait Final.

    Definitely getting a bit smoother with the skin tones, though I am no where close to where i want to be with them.  I especially mess up the smoothness in areas where i need to push the contrast a bit more.  Otherwise, I am satisfied…for the next few minutes.


  2. Anna Portrait Day 2.  

    Added more contrast to the nose, took away some under the cheekbone, darkened the eye brows.  Also, hair is at really early stages.


  3. Anna Portrait Day 1.

    Doing a portrait for my best friend since seventh grade after she asked me for three years.


  4. Commission #1. Final.

    With all the holidays and visiting my girlfriend for a week, I hadn’t been able to finish this but i finally got this done for a buddy at school.  He’s been an awesome supporter of my stuff so I was happy to be able to give him a drawing.

    Anyway, I won’t be posting as many b&w portraits hopefully, though i will occasionally do one here and there for other friends who have supported me.  I’m trying to experiment with color, but I also have classes coming up so I will be spending more time for those classes than on my own work.


  5. Commission #1. Day 2.

    Forgot to give an update for day one but here is day two. Still have to adjust the eyes a bit and put more work into the ears and a little more tone into the face as well as a little less in the neck. Then a couple hours on the hair and a bit to go on the lips. But its shaping up.

    I must admit the slight tilt on the head messed me up a bit at first but im adjusting.


  6. Girlfriend Portrait Final.

    This turned out to be way more successful than I thought it was going to be.  Hope she likes her birthday present!


  7. Girlfriend Portrait. Day 2 continued.

    Forgot to post this yesterday, but this is what i had after a few more hours. I have already worked on it more, such as adjusting the height of the eyebrow, covering the ear with strands of hair, and more hair detail. Still have to adjust the eye in the dark a bit as well as more details but almost there. Gunna look a lot better with a dark background


  8. Girlfriend Portrait Day 2.

    I’m actually feeling a lot better about this now. Still a bit of time to spend on it, especially the lower neck and hair. But much happier which some added contrast on her left cheek. Feeling positive about getting this done before her birthday in 5 days! Can’t wait to see her reaction!


  9. Portrait of girlfriend. Day 1.

    So I want to make a drawing of my girlfriend for Christmas. Unfortunately this is really not working out like i hope it would. I have only spent three hours on it and hopefully as i spend more time it will shape up more. But since i want this to be perfect, I may have to start over, drawing from a different reference photo. We’ll see.


  10. Self Portrait Final. 16”x20” Charcoal.  Canson Mixed Media Paper.  Took 7-8 hours to draw.

    Had a ton of fun finally doing something unrelated to class.  Luckily it didn’t take too long, which gives me hope that I will be able to produce more in the near future of friends and such.  


  11. Self portrait. Day 2.

    Made progress adjusting and deeping the tones in the face and doing a first go over on the ears and starting on the hat. Buttt its a saturday night sooo. Im done til tomorrow


  12. Self Portrait. Day 1 16”x20”

    Finally got a free weekend between classes for my art major and my architecture major. So what better than to take a break from art classes than make more art?!


  13. Self Portrait. Day 2. Slowly making progress.


  14. Self Portrait White On Black. Day 1.

    To be honest, I’m really not a fan of my work so far.  Very patchy, so i need to smooth it out more, need to push the values on the face more, and work on subtracting some small light that is not really there, which is taking away from the dramatic lighting.  In the final drawing, which will be 19”x25” (this is only a section of it), I will be adding certain patches of light to help with plane changes, but I won’t be making plane changes for everything, because I think it is cool to see certain body parts, or folds in my shirt disappear into the dark.

    This post is more for my own benefit, so I can see what I need to improve upon (basically everything), though I thought, hey why not show the early stages, which I usually don’t show.  Hopefully I will have more to show tomorrow

    Also, gotta love the shadows those push pins are casting. (They actually really bother me.)


  15. Cobie Smulders Portrait Drawing. 14”x17”

    Huge How I Met Your Mother fan so I present to you Robin Scherbatsky.  Also a huge Avengers fan, so..Maria Hill.  Or just Cobie Smulders…whatever you prefer.

    Really tried to portray her as accurately as possible.  The detail under the eyes could be improved, and I really want to get better at drawing hair, so that is something to focus on this summer.  Also the teeth were actually a bit darker in the photo I was working on, but someone mentioned that her teeth were too dark, so I adjusted that a bit.  Otherwise I am content with the final result, knowing that this is just practice.